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Custom Stonework
Stonework Services

Diamond etching can be done from a drawing done by the artist, or from a photo or drawing done by the client. Drawings can be customized, and can include wildlife, buildings, people, landscapes, or objects that the client wants included. A small sketch can be provided of how the etching will look on the monument. A full size sketch can be provided for approval at an additional charge.

Subject Options:
The subject of an etching can include wildlife, still-life, portraits, landscapes, and floral. If you do not know what you want to have etched, I will work with you to develop the perfect subject matter for your family.

Clouds, trees, water and other natural landscape etching is done freeform for a natural look; this helps with balance, and the natural colors in the stone.

Etching on Color Stones:
Etching can be done on different colors of stones. It will have a different appearance than etching on black granite, but is uniquely beautiful. It works best on dark colors like black, mahogany, dark green, etc, but I have done them on everything from dark gray to blue pearl. Portraits are not recommended for color granite, because of the inconsistent color in the stone.

Color Paints on Etching:
Color can be added. Color is done in the same way that I would paint an oil or acrylic painting, with color variations, and highlights. There is no guarantee on the life of color on stone, however it should last for decades, depending on the location, and weather conditions. The secret is to have a beautiful etching under the color. The monument can be repainted, decades later, if the family wishes.

Etched Monuments and Landmark Entries
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Three-Dimensional Stonework

We use a unique process, exclusive to our company. Your individual design is custom made precisely to your desire. Hand painting, gold inlay, or natural stone options available. Stone lasts forever, no continual upkeep.

Inserts, particularly 3-dimensional, are a wonderful way to add an etching to a gray monument. You can order the entire monument to be sandblasted and etched at our location and shipped to your local monument company for placement, or order the monument from your dealer locally and order a 3-D insert for your dealer to add to your monument.

More 3-D carvings can be viewed on the Creative Projects page.

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Tile and Color Stone Etching

Suitable for framing or on table or desk stand, 12" x 12" x 1/2", using sandblasting and/or diamond etching. (See Special Orders for Custom Heirloom Paintings).

Tiles can be as small as 4" by 4" for special uses. i.e. framing tile around the kitchen or bathroom, or to top or frame a fireplace. Any size 4" or larger can be priced individually.

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Impact Etchings
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Veteran and Honor Monuments

These are monuments that Anita has etched or done other work on that honor Veterans, First Responders, Police, Firefighters, and Emergency Services.

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We do portraits of your pets and animals in acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and stonework, diamond etching.  Portraits can be done on paper, canvas, and granite memorial stones and granite tiles.  

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Pet Memorial Stones

All stones are 8" x 12" x 1" of imported black granite, using sandblasting for characters with diamond etching for portraits.

Professional quality photo should be supplied with head and body (if applicable) at 2" minimum.

Example of Pet Memorial Stone

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