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Anita's work is primarily realistic. She often enhances the natural with vibrant bits of color or dramatic effects. her favorite subjects include musical instruments, gardens, and wooded landscapes. She also loves sunsets.

Often, you will find hidden surprises in paintings. For example, the wooded scene with the little girl in the woods has over 20 faces watching the child. Notice that many of the paintings have atmosphere such as fog, mist, cold stillness, etc.

Prints of any painting will be limited to 25. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Your print can be customized by artist's retouch. Anita can add detailed hand painting to your print, that will make it unique from any other print.

New prints will be offered on a regular basis.

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Currently Available Prints:

Print Title: After the Concert
After the Concert
Print Title: Sunset at Truman
Sunset at Truman
Print Title: In the Garden
In the Garden
Print Title: Watched in the Woods
Watched in the Woods
Print Title: Grandpa Sherman's Farm
Grandpa Sherman's Farm
Print Title: Trinity at Sunset
Trinity at Sunset
Print Title: I'll Catch You Later
I'll Catch You Later
Print Title: Cold Afternoon
Cold Afternoon
Print Title: Violets and daisies
Violets and daisies
Print Title: Down by the Creek
Down by the Creek
Print Title: The Long Fall
The Long Fall
Print Title: Winter Night
Winter Night
Print Title: Mysterious Winter
Mysterious Winter
Print Title: Old Shawnee Town Gazebo
Old Shawnee Town Gazebo
Print Title: Family Memories
Family Memories
Print Title: Tablerock Lake
Tablerock Lake
Print Title: Sunset on Tablerock
Sunset on Tablerock
Print Title: Musset Dairy Farm
Musset Dairy Farm
Print Title: Meadow Run
Meadow Run
Print Title: The Kircher Farm
The Kircher Farm
Print Title: The Great Escape
The Great Escape
Print Title: Shepard's Cabin
Shepard's Cabin
Print Title: Morning After a Storm
Morning After a Storm
Print Title: Sunset On the Farm
Sunset On the Farm
Print Title: Beck Family Home
Beck Family Home
Print Title: Glorious Sunrise
Glorious Sunrise
Print Title: Georgia Nationals Golf
Georgia Nationals Golf
Print Title: Basehor, KS
Basehor, KS
Print Title: Grandma Lake's Family Picnic
Grandma Lake's Family Picnic
Print Title: The Gladbach Family Farm
The Gladbach Family Farm
Print Title: Civil War Barn
Civil War Barn
Print Title: Christmas Church
Christmas Church
Print Title: The Old Wagon
The Old Wagon
Print Title: The Parrot by Sam Alex
The Parrot by Sam Alex
Print Title: Shapes and Shades by Sam Alex
Shapes and Shades by Sam Alex
Print Title: Kansas City Skyline
Kansas City Skyline
Print Title: I Love You
I Love You
Print Title: The Beginning
The Beginning
Print Title: Portraits
Print Title: Sunset Lake
Sunset Lake
Print Title: Sunset Silhouette
Sunset Silhouette
Print Title: Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms
Print Title: Home in the Snow
Home in the Snow
Print Title: Family
Print Title: Going Home
Going Home
Print Title: Last Light
Last Light
Print Title: Fishing on the Bridge
Fishing on the Bridge
Print Title: Legends Gathering Print and Book Set
Legends Gathering Print and Book Set

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Please contact us if you are interested in having Anita do a custom or heirloom painting for your family. Great subjects for this may be a family home, something the family does, such as a hobby or game, or a faith based painting.

For portrait work, Anita will need a professional quality photograph, in which the face is at least 2" tall. The photograph must be how you want the person to look. It doesn't work to remove beards, change frowns to smiles, etc, because the other features chage with facial movement.

Colored pencil portraits make a great gift, and the colors hold up well.

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