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Welcome to Shikles Fine Art Creations

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Welcome to Shikles Fine Art Creations

Shikles Fine Art Creations features Diamond Etching and Monument Design by Artist, Anita Shikles. Anita has been designing and hand etching monuments and headstones for over 15 years. With a background in fine art and illustration, Anita offers unique and custom designs that tell your story on beautiful black granite.

Anita Shikles also offers unique 3-D etchings in granite. These designs are a combination of carving and etching, and can be done around almost any subject matter.

Color etchings are hand painted, and treated as fine art, rather than just adding flat color into an etching. You will see highlights and shadows on these painted etchings.

Color usually lasts about 15-20 years on an outdoor monument, and can be touched up or repainted. As paint wears over the years, the beautiful black and white etching is there forever. Color longevity may vary due to weather conditions where the stone is placed.

Anita Shikles can help you locate the perfect monument for your loved one. We can offer special orders, unusual designs, and professional quality from start to finish on your stone. We also etch pet markers.

Additional artwork on this website includes prints of paintings, portrait work, and original artwork. Be sure to check out the Creative Projects page for our new and featured work. Commissions are welcome.

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Shikles Fine Art Creations
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